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[bq type="simple" author="" separator="|"]Where do subluxations come from?[/bq]

By subluxations, we are speaking of the non-traumatic ones that you adjust over and over when no apparent trauma seems to be the cause.

If the subluxation is a resultant of abnormal muscle forces on a joint, what if we were to teach where these abnormal forces come from.

In a nutshell, 2 sensory receptors and how they function accounts for the majority of the subluxation you are likely to find:[ul type="circle" indent="true" separator="|"]The foot since it is the base of support of the human organism | The eyes since it is our gaze that stabilizes us from the head down.[/ul]

Posturology is the science of posture and shows the health care practitioner how to assess and treat all of the main sensory receptors that contribute to subluxations.

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Video Testimonial of Posturology Internship

[evideo][/evideo] Dr.Pam Charles Chiropractor speaks of her experience with Posturology and Functional Neurology