Posturology can make valuable diagnosis and offer meaningful treatment of postural dysfunction in patients with Scoliosis. As part of a comprehensive approach to managing scoliosis, Posturologists evaluated the foot, eye, skin and bite for sensory and neuromuscular patterns of dysfunction that can be aleviated by non-surgical/non-brace treatments.

When appropriate, Posturolgists refer to neurmuscular dentists for necessary intervention of orthodontic issues associated with scoliosis. It is well known that patients with scoliosis will likely need orthodotic treatment as well as orthopeadic management of the spine. Posturologists have identified two types of scoliosis which both require unique and different interventions.


Dr. Pam Charles speaks of the benefits of Posturology and Functional Neurology

Posturepro is collaborating to offer better non-surgical treatment for Scoliosis and offer alternative treatment programs for adults and children with the pathology.