Posturology for Digestion

DiaphragmStructure and function are married. There is an undeniable relation between the two on many levels in the body.

This is true when studying the relationship between posture and digestion. We tend to think of digestion in chemical terms. There is no denying it; digestion is, in part, chemical. And in the case of functional issues with digestion, the therapeutic focus seems to often be chemical. I think we are missing out on a significant component of that system. That component is the mechanics of digestion.

The digestive system is exactly that, a system. It is made up of various organs that work in unison towards one goal: to break down and process foods. These organs, in order to accomplish their task, move. Think of the esophagus or the stomach for example. Without proper movement, the chemical side of things cannot express itself properly. Therefore, your digestion and assimilation is altered and every one of your body’s cells suffers.


And what if the stomach, liver and intestines all need to move together… what could be the engine of that system?


It is the diaphragm that literally pumps the internal organs all day and night. The diaphragm is the link between the abdominal and thoracic cavities. It is muscle that is highly sensitive to posture in the sagittal plane.

It is known that just about ¾ of the population presents with an anterior scapular plane. In a nutshell, their thorax sits in front of their pelvis.

What effect does that have on the mobility of the digestive system? How does that affect the very function of the diaphragm?

It stiffens up the diaphragm, which then slows down the rhythm of the digestive system, as a whole.

March is Nutrition Month! As you think about what you are going to put in your mouth, it would be just as wise to think about the capacity for your digestive system to break it down. That breakdown is directly related to your posture !

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About Annette Verpillot

Annette Verpillot is the founder of Posturepro, a diagnostics company specializing in Postural Recalibration and neuromuscular restoration. From an early age, Verpillot participated in a multitude of sports from 100 meter sprinting to swimming to football, skiing and rock-climbing. This diversity in the field of sports enabled her to have a global vision and drove her to seek out the best treatments available for her clientele. At first, she focused on classic post-graduate education by taking courses on manual therapy. An incessant curiosity and ambition to find the answer to "what can I do better?" led her to associate herself with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bernard Bricot. Since 2008, Verpillot has been working along the side of Dr. Bricot and has received special training in the education and development of Posturology. Annette has had numerous opportunities to teach Posturology to professionals and Strength Coaches and Neuro Muscular Densits at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute and Dawson academy, on the benefits of incorporating Posturology into their protocols. Today she is one of the most experienced and regarded Posturologists in North America. Annette Verpillot continues to address the various factors that come into play in achieving optimum results and to stir interest in and amaze professionals who have an open mind and who truly wish to help their patients.


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