Sport Performance and Posturology

Whether you’re professional or amateur, playing tennis for fun, a member of a local rugby or football team, a triathlete or golfer, there is almost no doubt that your chosen sport is creating imbalances throughout your body…..and potential for injuries at a later date. Posturology holds the key to obtaining a sure-fire advantage in your game and preventing the likelihood of injury.

The simple solution is to correct your postural imbalances and muscle weaknesses, making you more powerful, balanced and co-ordinated. And not just building core strength with generic ‘one size fits all’ exercises but with an individually-tailored program that takes into account your chosen sport, any injuries and your personal strengths, weaknesses, goals and aspirations.

It’s so obvious and so important, yet few people will do it – and with that comes the risk of injury, pain and diminished performance.

We do not have direct control over individual muscles, only the movement. When we choose to move, the movement is organised by subconscious centres of the brain that do not contain individual muscle actions. Try to contract the biceps muscle without thinking of moving your arm and you can begin to appreciate how it works. What we sense is a feeling associated with that movement and not the muscle. We cannot know if an action lengthens, shortens or even uses a muscle, only that we have performed a movement we associate with the feel of it.

The subconscious and habitual nature of movement combined with a lack of attention to the activity means deviation from the natural pattern may go unnoticed. If we do not have an accurate account of how we execute a movement, we cannot be sure of correctly following the instructions of a coach.

From years of experience working with everyone from top-level international athletes to amateurs or club players, Posturology has proven these results:

-Increased power
-Added speed
-Greater control
-Improved flexibility
-Core strength
-Injury prevention

About Annette Verpillot

Annette Verpillot is the founder of Posturepro, a diagnostics company specializing in Postural Recalibration and neuromuscular restoration. From an early age, Verpillot participated in a multitude of sports from 100 meter sprinting to swimming to football, skiing and rock-climbing. This diversity in the field of sports enabled her to have a global vision and drove her to seek out the best treatments available for her clientele. At first, she focused on classic post-graduate education by taking courses on manual therapy. An incessant curiosity and ambition to find the answer to "what can I do better?" led her to associate herself with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bernard Bricot. Since 2008, Verpillot has been working along the side of Dr. Bricot and has received special training in the education and development of Posturology. Annette has had numerous opportunities to teach Posturology to professionals and Strength Coaches and Neuro Muscular Densits at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute and Dawson academy, on the benefits of incorporating Posturology into their protocols. Today she is one of the most experienced and regarded Posturologists in North America. Annette Verpillot continues to address the various factors that come into play in achieving optimum results and to stir interest in and amaze professionals who have an open mind and who truly wish to help their patients.
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