What is Posturology?

Posturology is the medical science wich studies the consequence on the proprioceptive system linked to wrong systematic body position.

This dysfunction can affect all parts of the human body and a differential diagnosis must be done.

Many of proprioceptive dysfunctions symptoms are taken by organic diseases and their classical treatment becomes a disaster because many doctors are ignoring this kind of dysfunctions.

Posturology is revolutionary.  The method is based on finding improper structural and biomechanical patterns in the patient’s body.  It is a structurally integrative approach to pain relief and fills a void left by traditional healthcare by analyzing the causes of the pain.

The postural system is a very complex, which involves structures of the central and peripheral nervous system and especially the Eye, Foot, Skin, Muscles, Joints, but also the stomatognathic system (tongue, swallowing and breathing) and the Inner Ear.

The central nervous system uses the information from all of these structures and properly set the desired resistance against gravity from the information received from feet and eyes.

If, over time, pain arise at any level, at first the “Postural System” will try to compensate in some way (shoulder higher, rotation of the pelvis, scoliosis, restricted head rotation …), however, this ability to compensate is only temporary, and if  untreated the chronic pain (headaches, neck pain, neuralgia, abnormal chewing and dental occlusion, back pain, Lumbago, lumbosciatica, shoulder pain in the arms of the hips, knees , ankles) settles in.

These pathologies affect our daily lives and, consequently, our Psyche.
It is crucial at this point, despite all the difficulties that can easily be imagined to act at various levels and in collaboration with other professionals to try to correct and reprogram the “Postural System”.

The term Postural Reprogrammation refers to the act of giving constant information to the body (for a sufficiently period of time) in order for the corporal scheme to be “re-engrammed” until it becomes stable.