Why Posturology

Sagittal PlanePosturology is the only technique that treats the body in order to truly transform how it functions and is the most advanced evaluation and treatment system for sports performance and orthopedic conditions. Posturology offers a relatively simple, and quick, method to assess postural problems and prescribe practical ways to permanently correct them.

One thing that makes a postural assessment different from a regular postural evaluation that a chiropractor or physical therapist might perform is the special attention that is paid to the muscles of the eyes and the jaw.

And in addition to static assessments, athletes perform a few simple movements to determine how their posture changes while in motion. Loss of proprioception results in large systematic errors in multi-joint movements attributed, at least in part, to impaired motor programming.

The goal of Posturology is to correct misalignments in the body that create strain and compensations. These eventually lead to various types of break down and symptoms.